Wrong adress for SchwuZ in Berlin!


Hi everyone,

i justed started my first challenge on this POI.

Unfortunately the person that created it put it in the wrong location on the map.

As you can see by the website, he/she linked to it, the SchwuZ is actually located a few hundred meters away at Rollbergstr. 26, 12053 Berlin .

I’d be happy if some of your guys join the discussion and the vote!




Indeed, both address and location of the POI don’t match their website. Is it a location you’ve checked on the ground?


yes, i know the place! its right around the corner of my girlfriends house, so i definitely know its not where the POI was set.

if you check google maps you can see that this place is actually a soccerfield !

thanks for tuning in to the discussion :slight_smile:


Haha love this! It’s great seeing the local community verifying places they personally know!


:smiley: I mean, yeah, unless it’s a really underground club :slight_smile: But are you going to place a POI in the correct location? Because that one is not so easy to verify on google street view.


if the point gets removed, i will!


dont forget to reveal your votes :slight_smile:


Well, it got removed :wink:


Will add the POI asap :slight_smile:




Gut gemacht! :smiley: :+1: