Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex


Anyone has an opinion on this challenge? I was comparing the FOAM map with Google map. Location of the POI looks pretty alright to me …

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From what I saw on OpenStreetMap, the POI does sit within the “complex” (red). It’s just sitting in the parking lot area (blue), instead of in the precise area on the FOAM Map that has the default label for the ‘Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex’, which may be the source of confusion for the challenger. The POI definitely seems valid.



Unsung heroes of March 2019

Very disappointing outcome …


I agree. I’m sure we won’t see the challenger restake this POI at what they imagined was the correct location, either.


I think so. The fact that the challenger staked thousands of token shows his motivation … This greed factor needs to be removed if cartographers are to be encouraged to keep adding POIs. Personally I am very tempted to get past POU and then remove all my POIs to avoid any future hassle.


I think I forgot to reveal on that vote. It was a little bit of a tricky location and took me a bit to decipher but I agree it was definitely good. Would be nice if one could enable notification reminders. Is there some negative effect if votes just auto-revealed?


Hello - is this forum active - is there a frequent moderator?


:wave: Active and moderated to the best of our abilities!


Hello there -thank you for the quick response. Is there a way to private-message directly here, like in Telegram? Still new to discourse and involves PM matter.


You can direct message me by clicking on my username and “message”. I will message you.


There does now exist notification reminders, via email. Click the “bell” icon on the top of the map to link your email. You will then get reminders when the reveal period begins. It also tells you when the reveal periods ends, including the outcome, and if one of your POIs has been challenged.

I’m guessing there is not an easy technical way to auto-reveal, since each vote is encrypted with each individual account’s private key (I think) or SALT phrase. I’m guessing making the reveal easier or completely removing it is on the future roadmap, but I’m not sure. Ryan did say they were collaborating with Enigma on improving the voting process in terms of how the encryption works.


As discussed on todays Community Call, if you recall when the Map first launched you needed to manually store your SALT key when voting and manually keep track of which voting poll it corresponds to.

One of the updates launched recently was that this SALT key is stored in the cache of your browser, so it is auto-populated when you return to reveal your vote.

There are alternative voting mechanisms to explore, but for automating the reveal it is more of a web browser extension/script than an app enhancement. Could be something proposed for a developer grant.


I was aware of that but my browser settings prevent it from being stored. I haven’t voted much so storing SALT keys in a file hasn’t been a big deal. Was just commenting on missing the reveal date because I forgot but as @nameloceroom reminded, the ‘bell’ icon on the map enables email notifications for reveals which is nice.